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Maintenance is vital in maximising the life of your unit. Perth summers are notoriously harsh, so it’s important to keep your air con in premium condition throughout the year in preparation for extensive use in the warmer months. When your unit isn’t in use, it may experience issues in the downtime as a result of previous prolonged use.

Many people don’t service their air con until it’s too late — they’re left with a broken unit that is completely unusable until it’s been repaired or replaced. Annual maintenance is essential in keeping your unit working at maximum efficiency. You’ll get the most out of your air con, and save money in the long run as the need for expensive out-of-the-blue repairs is significantly reduced.  


Health and Safety

Many people are surprised to know that poorly maintained units often house mould, fungi, or bacteria. Each time the air con is used, these toxins are dispersed through the home. Through regular servicing, you’re putting your family’s health first and preventing the risk of harmful bacteria in the air.

Prolonged intake of contaminated air can have severe health effects. If you notice a musty or sour odour coming from your air con, or visible signs of build-up (such as black spots), contact us immediately. We’ll remove any dangerous build-up and replace parts damaged by contamination, so you can breathe easy.

Maintenance, Repairs, and…

Absolute Zero are well-equipped to handle unit installations. All installations come with a five-year warranty. If you’re looking for a new unit in your home, visit our contact page and get in touch.

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